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Premium Cordless Lamps To Enhance Your Style

Elegance and Prestige Manifested in Every Model

Just like a beautiful wristwatch can dress you, our exclusively handmade lamps will enhance your style and centerpiece that will be noticed.

The Devil is in the Details

We carefully select the best materials. 

Every lamp is brought to life by our expert craftsmen who treat each piece as an individual project, paying great attention even to the smallest detail.  This is why LIGHTLOOM lamps have a special character and a magnificent aura that surrounds them. 

Smart LED LightSource (SLL)

The SLL is the concept that liberates these brilliant lamps from the shackles of unsightly electrical cords and it's the glowing soul of every masterpiece. No fire hazard, no smoke and no residue.

Safe, convenient and eco-friendly, but what truly makes it a smart choice is that it costs less to operate than candles.

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Terra Optima Europa Kft. 

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Telephone: +36-20-375-7777

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